Mark Flickinger Featured in Talent Economy: 5 Recruiting Tactics High-Growth Firms Should Use When Scaling Quickly

>> High-growth founders face a bevy of challenges during this critical phase of growing their business. Here’s how they can get the hiring equation right, according to a venture capitalist that’s done it before.


As a venture capitalist helping high-growth companies scale, one of my top pieces of advice for them has always been around talent acquisition. My team has seen time and time again the correlation between the success of a company and the strength of its people. And while getting the right talent might seem like blatantly obvious wisdom, we’ve watched founder after founder repeat the same, easily preventable hiring mistakes that have kept them from assembling the leadership team they need to properly drive their company’s growth and direction.

The rub? Making the right hires costs you one of your most precious resources: time. If you do it well, finding that new team member can take months of sustained effort. However, if you do it poorly, hundreds of thousands of dollars can go to waste. Often, I find startups don’t want to take the time to go through the talent acquisition process, because it doesn’t have a clear line of sight to revenue. The reality is, if you hire right, it’s the most impactful thing that you can do to improve your bottom line. With that goal in mind, here are five tips for bringing aboard the best team possible.

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