BIP Capital Invests into Acivilate’s Solution to Help Prisoners Return to Society

Acivilate, a new BIP Capital portfolio company with $3M in seed round funding, was recently featured in Government Technology for the solution it’s building to help prisoners return to society and reduce recidivism:

After three years of user research, networking and good old-fashioned bootstrapping, a Georgia startup focused on helping people successfully return from prison to society has its first venture capital funding.

That’s not always how it goes in the world of tech startups. Many young outfits shoot for investment money on aggressive timetables, or build products and start signing up customers quickly with plans to build out better functionality later.

Acivilate isn’t most startups. After co-founding the company in 2014, Chief Executive Officer Louise Wasilewski spent time interviewing the people who would be using the company’s flagship product — returning citizens, nonprofits, court administrators, corrections workers — in Maryland, Ga., and Washington, D.C. They wanted to make sure those people would use the product once they built it.

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