New Story Highlights Huddle’s GOFAN Contribution to Entrepreneurial Growth in Atlanta’s Northern Suburbs

In the new story, “Entrepreneurship in North Atlanta, a Growing Force III: Leading a New Generation of Entrepreneurs” by Obinna Morton, BIP Capital portfolio company Huddle, Inc. is highlighted for its contribution to the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Atlanta’s northern suburbs.

As noted in the article, BIP Capital’s portfolio companies in the North Atlanta area include Huddle Inc., REACH Health Inc., and Gro Solutions. In an interview for the story, Mark Flickinger, Vice President of BIP Capital, shared: “We’re in Atlanta because it has all of the ingredients to be on par with other VC centers like New York City, Silicon Valley, Boston. There is a foundation of great research, outstanding talent, corporate partners and an infrastructure to grow and scale businesses. These advantages now extend outside of the city into North Atlanta and North Fulton as these northern suburbs of the city continue their rapid development.”

Joey Thacker, CEO of Huddle Inc., also stated that North Atlanta is appealing because of the balance the region offers to investors: “This area offers a great balance in a lot of different categories related to running a successful business. As it relates to talent, it is a good market to attract employees that have been a part of other successful startups or the growth cycle of larger companies looking to raise their families in the suburbs and schools this area offers, as well as entry-level talent returning from college to their home communities.”

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