BIP Capital Named Georgia’s Most Active VC For The Third Time

We’re honored to be named by CB Insights as Georgia’s most active VC for the third time in a row.  We are dedicated to growing the vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Southeast and are excited to see others comment on just how much innovation is occurring in “second tier innovation hubs.” As noted in “The United States of Venture Capital”:

“Although startups based in California, New York, and Massachusetts have traditionally accounted for the majority of VC tech investment in the US, VCs are spurring other hotbeds of innovation across the country.”

These findings are comparable to our research in the The State of StartupsSM in the Southeast, published in October 2018. This report took a closer look at the different types of deals being done in each southeastern state and how that compared to the established “Innovation Hubs” of Boston, New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area.

At the time of our research, we actually anticipated that we would find significant disparities in the percent ownership that a dollar buys from region to region and perhaps from state to state. We were wrong. Instead, the data revealed that a $1 million investment buys the same ownership percentage of a company regardless of region or state. However, businesses in the Southeast have more revenue at the same valuation, perhaps implying that investors got more value for their dollar in the Southeast. This fact might explain why large venture capital funds from the Innovation Hubs are showing a growing interest in investing in southeastern companies.

Learn more from CB Insights and the trends they have observed across the US by reading the full article online.

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