BIP Capital’s Mark Flickinger Shares Talent Advice on Entrepreneurial Podcast

In a recent podcast episode entitled “Leading Your Company to a Ten-Year Unicorn Journey”, our COO Mark Flickinger was interviewed by Tayo Rockson, host of the entrepreneur podcast, As Told By Nomads.

As Rockson highlights in the interview, Flickinger is our team’s talent capital focused entrepreneurial advisor and VC. On the podcast website, Rockson notes:

As an engineer, leader, consultant, coach and doer, he inspires organizations to realize their potential. He has been described as someone with an uncanny ability to create strategy and then realize it through execution.

Our interview focused on

  • Building and operating companies through various stages of growth
  • Fundraising, talent acquisition, operational expertise, marketing/branding and business development
  • What entrepreneurship is like in the Southeastern part of the United States.

In short, our focus was on leadership of key team members to attract, engage and nurture for their own long-term success with a certain approach that as a result adds human capital value to the company at strategically critical milestones on the growth scale to become a unicorn.

Listen to the podcast:

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