New Portfolio Company Nview Health Raises $4.65 Million in Seed Funding from BIP Capital

Today our newest healthcare technology portfolio company, Nview Health, announced that it raised seed funding in the amount of $4.65 million from BIP Capital. Nview Health delivers online behavioral health solutions that help healthcare professionals and research organizations more accurately screen for and monitor mental disorders in children and adults.

Nview Health’s flagship offering, the M.I.N.I. (Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview), is a short, structured online interview designed to identify more than 20 behavioral health disorders. Used in research and clinical settings for more than 25 years, the M.I.N.I. has been translated into 120 different languages. It has also been used in more than 100 countries and referenced or validated in 10,000+ clinical trials. The M.I.N.I has been accepted by the FDA and endorsed by the National Institutes of Health and World Health Organization. The funding received by Nview Health will enable the company to fulfill its mission of bringing vital behavioral health innovation to the broader medical community.

“Non-diagnosis and misdiagnosis of behavioral health issues are pervasive problems across our nation’s healthcare providers, resulting in unnecessary complications for patients and unnecessary costs for our healthcare system,” said Jim Szyperski, CEO of Nview Health. “At Nview Health, we’re passionate about making the world’s most accurate and validated behavioral health assessment solution available to more healthcare professionals and consumers, which is something we’re doing with the support we’re receiving from BIP Capital.”

According to Dan Drechsel, senior VP at BIP Capital, “Nview Health’s M.I.N.I. is considered the gold standard for assisting in the diagnosis of behavioral health disorders. We’re pleased to invest in the company because of the positive impact it’s having on the way mental disorders are identified and treated. Our team looks forward to working with Nview Health to build awareness and expand practical acceptance of this capability in the healthcare community.”

M.I.N.I is a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant solution available on any web-enabled device including mobile tablets and smart phones. It allows screenings and interviews to be administered in the office or at home.

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