Atlanta Business Radio Interviews Mark Buffington on COVID-19, Return-to-Office & Advice for Startups

In a recent interview with Atlanta Business Radio, BIP Capital’s co-founder and CEO Mark Buffington shared his insights on the economic impact of COVID-19, creating a return-to-office plan and his advice for startups during this time.

Tune into the interview and you’ll learn more about the following:

  • Why it was important for BIP Capital to create a Return to Office plan for its own portfolio companies and the business community at large
  • Highlights of some of the most important elements of this plan
  • Advice to companies for navigating COVID-19 from a management perspective
  • The results of a recent public survey BIP Capital conducted on how companies and their teams were returning to office
  • Advice to companies that are struggling on business growth

Listen online here.

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