Paul Iaffaldano Op-Ed: Venture Atlanta’s Growing Diversity and Resilience Shine Through

Today Paul Iaffaldano shared in a new guest blog post how VA Live Online reflected the strength of our region’s venture ecosystem through both entrepreneurs and investors, even in the midst of our current pandemic:

This year’s Venture Atlanta Live Online is now in the books, and I can say that it reflected the strength of our region’s venture ecosystem in terms of the excitement and activity from both entrepreneurs and investors alike, even in the midst of our current pandemic. While the face-to-face interaction was missed, Venture Atlanta still had much to offer, including high-quality production and engaging digital experiences that were conducive to learning about the Southeast’s hottest innovations.

What is perhaps most noteworthy, however, is the event’s growing inclusiveness even as COVID-19 restrictions kept us physically apart. There was a much stronger presence this year of female and minority entrepreneurs and presenters, as well as greater diversity in the types of businesses being showcased and the number of companies from areas outside of Atlanta. I’m very proud of the diversity our board has worked hard to achieve and the actively more inclusive direction Venture Atlanta is taking. I believe it is the start of greater things.

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