BIP Capital Rebrands Venture Division as Panoramic Ventures, Launches New $300 Million Fund

It was some 20 years ago that I moved from the San Francisco Bay Area back to Atlanta, with the idea of investing in emerging tech ecosystems around the country where promising companies existed but were being underserved.

While looking outside of the traditional innovation hubs for good investments is something BIP Capital has been doing successfully for over a decade, today we’re taking the next step forward with this strategy. We’re pleased to announce our partnership with highly successful entrepreneur and investor Paul Judge, creating Panoramic Ventures, and launching our next venture fund with a target of $300 million.

Panoramic’s intent is to take a “wider-view approach” to investing to give more entrepreneurs access to capital and expertise to help build leading tech companies, regardless of location. Panoramic’s core mission is to fund businesses in the Southeast, Midwest, and other regions where high-potential companies are often overlooked. Racial and gender diversity of founders and teams is also a key focus.

Moving forward, BIP Capital’s existing portfolio of companies will now operate under the Panoramic Ventures brand. However, these companies will still be working with the same great team they always have. BIP Capital will continue to bring private market opportunities to investors, including all opportunities to invest in Panoramic’s venture products.

Panoramic Ventures presents a change in our name, but our goal remains the same: to help great companies accelerate farther and faster.

We’re excited about this next step in our history. Please visit the new Panoramic blog to learn more.

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