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COVID-19 Questionnaire Results &
Back-To-Office Plan

Thank you for your interest in the results of our voluntary COVID-19 questionnaire and our Back-to-Office Plan. You can find the aggregate results of the questionnaire at the link below.


Questionnaire Results


Click below for our Back-to-Office Plan


Return to Office Plan (pdf)


For a copy of the Return-to-Office Plan in Word (rather than PDF), please submit a request on our CONTACT page and we will follow up with you.


We are sharing our re-opening plan in the hope that it will prove a helpful resource to businesses working to design and implement their own re-opening plans during the ongoing 2020 pandemic. We do not purport to be experts. We are not attorneys. We are sharing these materials as guidance and we are not providing any legal, safety, or medical advice. Specifically, businesses working through re-opening plans should contact their own legal counsel to obtain, among other things, advice regarding applicable state and federal labor, employment, privacy, health, contract and/or real estate law. We are not healthcare providers and fully acknowledge that scientific understanding about the novel corona virus and COVID-19 continues to evolve daily, such that the information contained herein may become stale or outdated. The most current source for information regarding federal, state and local guidelines, including guidance issued by the CDC and health departments, as well as OSHA and Labor Department regulations, and HIPPA and other privacy-related requirements are available online through the relevant enforcement agency’s website.

This is provided for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon for any other purpose. Certain aspects of the plan are unique to our company’s business and operations. Each plan will necessarily be tailored to the unique aspects of the implementing business, and will most likely require regular updating and enhancements over time. Before implementing a plan, we encourage you to contact your own legal advisor.